Leadership – Part 8 of 10

Two posts in 1 day! Here's part 7, and part 6 here with links to parts 1 through 5 at the top. 8 - Make sound and timely decisions. Today we are talking about NOT doing the above.. People know if you are being rushed and guessing. If things feel reckless and not...

40th Birthday Shenanigans

Last Saturday, I turned 40.
40 years – 4 decades – halfway to 80.
So, like any responsible adult, I developed a three point plan to mark the occasion:
1 – invite everyone over to my house for waffles on my Birthday
2 – go back-country skiing with whoev…


That is the number of unique visits to my “Beefs” post.
I am very humbled by this response. It is the most views any post on here has ever had.
With that in mind, and hoping some of these new readers will return, here are some memorable blog post…

Olympic Perspective

As I watch the Olympics, with all of the coverage and hype, I find myself wondering – does everyone really think that this massive media and money frenzy is all these athletes do? Do they realize that this single event every 4 years is just one in a co…

Happy New Year (2013 in review)

This has been a busy and interesting year.
It started with a commitment to write a blog post a week. It almost worked; I made it all the way to July when  an unfortunate combination of a personal financial implosion and a new level of dysfunction …

The G3 Ion Binding Befuddlement

G3 has just announced a new AT binding – The Ion.
I now have a problem.
Here is a letter I have sent G3:
Dear G3,
I thought I had it all figured out. Any new ski I would buy would simply be adorned with some Onyx baseplates, and then when I wanted, pre…


Recieved this “comment” today…twice…
You write really good read, I think this article is full I feel a kind of cultural atmosphere, I hope the author can continue to maintain this mood, to continue to write articles so that more readers can feel th…

Elevating Chaos

This has been a rather stressful week. Transitioning from my idyllic weekend in farmland Saskatchewan, Monday hit harder than a ten ton truck.
A couple of years ago, I was the stage manager for the ‘Barn’ at the Vancouver Island Music Festival. I thoug…