G3 has just announced a new AT binding – The Ion.

I now have a problem.

Here is a letter I have sent G3:

Dear G3,

I thought I had it all figured out. Any new ski I would buy would simply be adorned with some Onyx baseplates, and then when I wanted, presto-change-o, move my bindings from my current ski (G3 Rapid Transits) to my new ones and here we go! Why ever get another binding when the Onyx has it all…until now.

The Ion.

I am now befuddled, as I do not know what I will put on my new skis (when I eventually get them). Onyx or Ion.

I think it is fair to blame you, G3, and for you to remedy this massive dilemma. I feel the only way to do this is for me to demo some Ions and figure this out on my own, in the real world.

Now, I get it. I’m neither a dealer, nor am I a pro skier. I’m just some guy who skis, and occasionally (when the pressures of father hood, business ownership, dealing with an ex-wife, being a loving, respectful boyfriend and volunteering in my community allows) blog about it. My blog at most receives 500 hits a day, mostly from referrals from spurious “.ru” websites whose contents I cannot identify.

BE THAT AS IT MAY – I am a passionate skier of the front and back-country, and feel personally responsible for the sale of at LEAST 3 pairs of Onyx bindings (4 if you count the pair that I bought).

So, what do you say? Can you help me out with this confusion?


Andrew Gower