Ever thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I got paid to do that?”

I asked myself that question, and decided that I was going to do that “cool” thing, which for me is combining my love of mountain biking, skiing and being outside with the technical expertise I have gained as an engineer.

To that end, Braxton Consulting can provide willing companies the following services:

  • testing and reviews of gear – these can be strictly confidential or submitted to various publications for some exposure
  • post production quality assurance – this is specific to mountain bike frames and builds on my knowledge and experience with structural materials
  • sports journalism – writing about trips, events, races, issues and even interviews!

Here are some links to some of my work published at NSMB.com:

Nelson BC Story
Thompson Okanagan Trip Story
2009 Rocky Mountain Flatline Unlimited Review
2009 Banshee Scythe Review
Simon Garstin Interview
2010 Banshee Spitfire Review
2010 Scratch Air 6 Mini-review
NSMB “Gear Shots” Article

What some almost famous people have to say about citizenclass

“I used to think Andrew Gower was a bitter and twisted chap. But then I saw Citizen Class and realized he has a better life than most. This blog-thingy is testament to this.”   Seb Kemp, 29er Zen Master and World Traveller (and he’s been on the cover of Bike – TWICE!)

“Andrew Gower is a nitpicking, anal bastard, and when it comes to bike testing and feedback… I like that! PLUS he isn’t just another armchair engineer, so feedback tends to actually be insightful and considered.”  Keith Scott, Chief Engineer, Cook and Bottle Washer at Banshee Bikes

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