This has been a busy and interesting year.

It started with a commitment to write a blog post a week. It almost worked; I made it all the way to July when  an unfortunate combination of a personal financial implosion and a new level of dysfunction in the relationship with my former spouse (with whom I share a child) derailed my ‘blog a week’ plans completely.

Even with all of the drama on the personal side, which has included three separate court appearances (unrelated to each other), far too much work at my paid job, and not nearly enough skiing (21 days in the 2012/13 season versus over 40 the two preceding seasons) and a definite deficit of mountain biking, I am going to call 2013 a success.

I’m still alive. I have an 8 year old boy who is incredibly intelligent and creative, if a bit stubborn and argumentative. All of my limbs are still attached. I don’t have any terminal or debilitating diseases. I am not bankrupt. I have an awesome, sexy, intelligent, driven girl friend (with an awesome job with the BC Freestyle Ski Association). I still have that paid job, and I am still paying the bills.

Looking over the blog for this year, I actually accomplished quite a bit, all things considered.

I started a political satire in January with the first installment of “Tales of Dearth“.

In February I finally tried out the transferability feature of my G3 Onyx Bindings!

In March I was named one of Vancouver Island’s Top 20 Under 40, so I decided to thank some people.

April saw some me  receive an email from our Premier and some ski touring into the Hapush Bowl.

May saw me visit Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Oh – and I gave a TED talk at TEDxComoxValley…here it is in case you missed it!

June saw the production of the second ever Elevate the Arts in Courtenay!

July was quiet…yes – this is when the implosion happened. No details required…

August was amazingly productive. I finally finished my review of the Banshee Prime 29er mountain bike, and I threw in a review of some Helly Hansen jackets I like!

September featured mountain climbing! Mount Albert Edward to be precise!

October yielded some thoughtful posts about search and rescue in our nation’s back country and the tribes I belong to.

November, November, November. Probably the most viewed and commented post of the year about how our Mayor was reported as stating some unrealistic things about our local economy. Maybe local politics is the best thing to write about?

Finally, December. Some commentary about Christmas, and an “ask” to G3 for their new binding.

I have been writing this blog since April of 2010! Hard to believe it has almost been 4 years. I intend to keep writing, but have no idea of the frequency, or, apparently, the content.

I hope those 150 of you who read this on a regular basis will continue to visit.

Happy New Year!