I’m in Nelson for a week, staying in the house I grew up in.  Its a little surreal as I am with my four year old son, and my family moved into this house when I was four…I am also recovering from a mild concussion, a possibly cracked rib and some other random aches and pains from a big crash I had riding the Mount Washington Bike park Thursday night.  The concussion may be contributing to my altered mental state…

I’ve had some random headaches (not from drinking, thank you very much) and some general “wooziness”.  Its all been pretty mild,  but enough to remind me that mountain biking is a dangerous sport.  My ribs, well, that’s just annoying.  Hurts just enough to impede deep breathing, yawning, stretching, coughing and sneezing – all activities I typically enjoy with reckless abandon.

Oh well – I’m not going to let any minor injuries get in the way of riding bikes.  So, with grandparents, aunts and cousins to help take care of the boy, brother in law and I have at least four rides planned!  And, I get to ride a new bike!!!  The local rentals available include the Rocky Mountain Slayer SS, and a Banshee Scythe.  As I have owned a Scythe for over a year, I will probably opt for the Rocky, at least the first day.

I am also trying to learn how to play guitar – and I have to tell you,its not as easy as it looks.  Perserverance will be required I think.

Finally, had a really nice nap this afternoon. I highly reccomend the occasional nap to everyone – good for the soul.