Those who follow along regulalry will recall that I used to complain regulalry about my lower back…I also whined a little about my weight …well, both issues have progressed considerably in the last year.

First off, my lower back. The disks are still most definitely compressed. However, less frequent mountain bike rides, more frequent exercise and the use of yoga techniques to keep things stretched out has resulted in very few instances of debilitating pain! Yay!

The last time I reported, my weight was a still heavy 209 lbs. Well, for the last 2-3 months the morning weigh in has revealed a weight between 198 and 202 lbs. Let’s call it 200 even to be precise and that’s almost 13 lbs down fro mmy peak. All I had to do was cut out the mochas, milk, suger in my coffee and whiskey.

Ski season is almost upon us. In fact, I will spend my first weekend on a ski hill November 23rd and 24th. I may even ski…we shall see what the weather does between now and then. Last time I checked the Mt. Washington web-cam there was snow up there!

This winter should be interesting. Trips to places I have never been before are planned! Due to the good fortune of my falling in love with a lady who is now at the helm of BC Freestyle, I will be visiting some ski hills I have either never been too, or that I have not been to in many years. While I will be putting in some serious volunteer hours at the same time, I am sure to be able to ski a little!

There are some Mt. Cain trips already booked, and even some weekends with nothing planned so that there is room for some back country fun.

Finally, I am hoping to be able to do more of an indepth article on Kindred Custom Snowboards. They are located right here in Courtenay, and they make skis too!

I will leave you with an image of winter, to get the stoke going!!