I hinted (well, blatently told those who follow me) on FaceBook that Mountain Bike Action ran a piece I did for them – so here it is (copyright laws be damned).



So, to be up front, I have never actually “drooled” over the “inside the pro’s bike” feature – in fact it is more accurate to say that it annoyed me somewhat.  Most people won’t ever buy or ride a bike like the “pro’s” do as they can’t very well sink $10-15K into a ride.  Oh well, any media attention is good media attention, so I’m not gonna complain.

Stoke factor back up to 15 out of 10!!!

(and no, I don’t have this bike anymore.  In fact, shortly after I wrote the piece, including the full mock-up of an MBA two page spread – that’s right, I did all of the production work – I found several cracks in the frame and convinced Norco to send me a new, 2006 Six 1 frame.  It’s still going under the loving care of my buddy Tim)