Just a warning, in case the title didn’t give it away – this post has very little to do with mountain biking.  Sure, I rode one of my bikes down to MusicFest each day, but that is about it.

Through the course of living my life, I have had the good fortune of getting to know one Meaghan Cursons quite well.  Turns out she is pretty high up in the VIMF hierachy, and before I knew it I had been asked to volunteer on the elite, “cream of the cream”, highly sought after stage crew.  Not only that, for some reason Meaghan and Bobby (Meg’s beau) decided that I should be on main stage change over! YIKES!!  No pressure, just don’t damage in any way any of the musicians very, very expensive instruments, don’t piss them off, give them space, move fast and be invisible.  Oh – and don’t be late either!!

Well – I have to say – it was one of those experiences that makes life worth living.  I had the primetime shifts – Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm, Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm and again from 5 pm to 9 pm.  Through the course of the weekend I met and helped out Adrian Belew, David Lindley and Little Feat (well – stayed in the background and helped the last guys – didn’t actually meet the band).

My favorite change-over of the weekend was a Brit group called the Unthanks.  I forgot how flirty Brit ladies are, and this crew were very very cheeky.  One of the volunteer stage crew jobs is giving all of the performers towels and water bottles.  So, as I am coming off stage after doing so, one of the lady performers is off stage and I offer her a towel, to which she responds “Oh, you’ver already done me”  (lol).  I, of course, have to inform her that this phrase has a slightly different meaning in North America…I didn’t think a professional musician could blush that much, or maybe it was the sun…in the end, I think I flirted to the point of indecency with every woman in the group!

So – some things I learned:

– I am not the biggest fan of folk music.  Seriously.  I can take a little of it, but an entire weekend drives me a little batty.

– I am just as good, or better, a sax player than some people who do it for a living!  However, there are some pro sax players who could slay me blindfolded and one handed.

– I really like celtic dance music.  Check out the Peatbog Faeries.  There set on Saturday night was awesome!

– Having unlimited backstage access is really fun!

– Being part of the show – standing on stage and getting set up with over a thousand excited people watching is quite the rush.

– Driving golf carts is fun.

– Music Festivals are a really great place to meet women.  I met a very attractive young lady who I am now seeing.  We will have to see how this progresses.

– Stage crew is a hard job – kind of like warfare.  Hours of sitting around waiting and planning intersperesed with intense minutes of panic, rushing around and high levels of physical exertion.  However, you don’t have to kill anyone…

I will definately be doing this next year – and at every other event I can make.  IMO – it’s the best way to see an event – actually being a part of it!

Anyways – that is all for now.  Much more mountain biking on the way as I am off to Nelson next week for one of my bi-annual family visits.  There will be some new bikes to try out, new trails to ride and hopefully some epic photos to splash up.  Keep it rubber side down!