As I sit hear listening as my home computer tower is potentially self destructing (ITunes shouldn’t skip music, should it?) I am not in as much pain as I was last week, or even yesterday.  In fact, I haven’t taken a painkiller of any kind all day.  Checking back in my planner, this is week four of “intense pain”.  At least I can now touch my toes (last weeks big accomplishment – although at the time it took me four stiff drinks, a neproxin, some T-3’s and 30 minutes in a hot tub – now I can just do it as long as I move slowly).  It still hurts to stand up after sitting for a while, but not as bad.

This is all really good news as there is snow on the ground.  In fact, I took my son up Forbidden Plateau for a quick snow-shoe on Saturday, and the snow, while not quite deep enough for skiing, was light and plentiful.  A full foot of powdery snow at the base of the old ski hill.  Hopefully next Sunday I will be feeling up for a quick tour and some turns!

This took some digging, but here’s a video of me skiing Mt. Allan Brooks in Strathcona Park from a couple of seasons ago.  Enjoy!