Bear with me for a minute here.  I’m going to rant.

Sunday morning as I sat at the kitchen table eating perfectly cooked sunny-side up eggs, something unwound in my back.  Like a spring un-sproinging itself, I could feel things slowly go south.  Despite immediately going to lie down and get the pressure off it was too late.  It was done.  Welcome to spasm ville!

I’m a little bitter, especially as yesterday was supposed to be a ski day for me and my son.  It was sunny out too. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I think I’ve been doing everything right…a simple routine of exercises and stretches every morning to keep things strong.  No bike rides since Halloween and even when I go skiing, I’ve been playing conservatively and mostly just turning, in powder.  No moguls and I avoid choppy snow like the plague. 

So, where do I go from here?  Well, I finally broke down and picked up an inversion table.  While none of my medical professionals have suggested one, everyone I know who has serious back pain issues who has gotten one has benefited.  Right now, I’ll do almost anything to make this better.  Just when I was getting used to not being in pain when I drove places…seriously!

Its not all dire.  I should be getting my new camera today.  That way I will be able to shoot some HD video of me in the inversion table.  Oooohhhh – that’s sure to get the sponsors flocking to me!  I predict a sharp increase in traffic on this site too!!  I am also finally taking my AST Level 1 course this weekend at Mt. Cain.  Hopefully I can keep up.  Its too late to cancel it now…