Over at NSMB.com, I am a regular visitor to the bulletin board.  Especially the “NBR” or “non-biking related” section.  There’s a thread about the Canucks and how they need more “toughness”.  Well – the whole discussion got me to thinking about what real “toughness” or “strength” is.  Here’s what I came up with:

You know…this kind of underscores something I think is a fundamental
flaw in most western thinking. Specifically, the notion that not
reacting to provocation is a sign of weakness. Goes along with
apologizing being a sign of weakness and that admitting a mistake is a
sign of weakness.

Personally, I think its the other way around. It takes significantly
more strength of character to not react – its easy to lash out – far
harder to remain disciplined and cool. The same goes for admitting to
and owning a mistake – this also takes more strength of character as it
forces you to fallback and rely on your “core” and integrity – not on
bluster and bullshit.

So, I say keep going Sedins – take the high road and draw penalties. Goals win hockey games – not penalties and not fights.

Now, here’s the trick – how do I apply this philosophy with my often very strong minded son, and with being in a competitive business environment with bills to pay?

If anyone has any answers, please let me know…