I understand that bike stories on this blog have become a rarity. Thus, even though not much happened while riding Forbidden Plateau here in the Comox Valley last night, I felt obliged to report on the ride.

Chris fetches the post ride bevvies.  Good job Chris!

I felt an overpowering need to ride last night. But not just ride anything – it had to be the Scythe, and it had to be a shuttle. Unfortunately, my desire did not translate well into performance, and I am sure the one lap we did was the slowest I have ever ridden the particular trails we chose. What trails? We settled on Upper Cabin Fever, Cabin Fever, Slither, Cat Nip.  Trails I am very familiar with, yet it felt like the first time I had ever ridden them.

Part of this has to do with the fact that I have been riding the Prime almost exclusively, and there could not be two more different bikes than the Prime and the Scythe.  Part of it is my lack of “bike” fitness, and part of it is that fact that I have not really ridden the Scythe at all this year.  The combination left me feeling awkward and disconnected from a bike that I have ridden faster on, jumped further on, and taken bigger drops on than any other bike I have ever ridden.  I did not find this satisfying.

In the end, this all means I need to ride bikes more, and write letters to the editor less.

This is not a random segue, I did have a letter to the editor about bikes published today.  And here it is!

Linky to the Letter

It’s a bit of a choppy edit, but it does get the message across with facts! That’s all for now, stay tuned for a fascinating story about the best winter day pack you will never get to buy…