Really!  I’m not making this up!  He even left a comment:

Seb Kemp

I have an idea that might help you get
published. Why don’t you stop filling the internet with negativity. It wastes
time that could be spent creating, and it makes you look rather bitter.

That is all.

Here’s the link.

So – who is Seb Kemp?  Well, if you are a mountain bike fanboy like me, you know who he is.  He first arose to notoriety because of a video he was in where he was skidding around like crazy on a 29er.  Me, I thought it looked fun – others had to poke fun.  Here’s some classic Seb skidding from Jamaica.

  He’s had at least one Bike magazine cover shot, and helped write “The Bible of Bike Tests” issue along with some other articles.  Seb also writes for and has started a regular column titled “World Affairs”.  For the most part, I’d say Seb has a unique style and viewpoint that he isn’t above sharing.  I quite enjoy his writing, but to be honest he sometimes needs a bit of help in the editing department (as we all do from time to time).  Unfortunately, his latest World Affair’s article got a little too wordy for my taste.  It seems Seb reads the bulletin boards where I commented on this, and was displeased…

Anyways, lets address Seb’s comment shall we?  I’ve never been the type to dismiss or shy away from criticism.  I checked through all my blog posts here to see how much I have been “filling the internet with negativity“.  Aside from complaining about my back hurting like an SOB from time to time, I think my outlook has been quite positive – maybe even on the extreme end of positive optimism.  As for being bitter, well I can admit to some jealousy for the type of lifestyle Seb gets to lead, and others I know in the “sports journalism” industry. But I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily “bitter”.  I have a bit too much fun for that!

Anyways, Seb, please continue to visit the Man Cave and I invite your criticism on any of my work that gets published at or other places.  Finally, if you ever make your way to Vancouver Island, drop me a line.  I will gladly take you to some excellent places to skid!