Strangest of strange occurrences last night.  After an excellent stress burning ride where I was in the zone more than I’ve been in three years (and my back didn’t hurt at all) Chris and I decided to actually go to the Waverly for burgers and beer.  As we are sitting there drinking our draft and minding our own business, a rather scruffy looking fellow with a British accent comes up to the table and asks “Are you Andrew Gower?” (umm – ya?) “I’m Seb Kemp”.

Aren’t grainy cell phone pics the best!  Andrew Gower and THE Seb Kemp at the Waverly Hotel in Cumberland, BC

Of all the coincidences of coincidences.  Going to the Waverly was a last minute decision and am I sure that Seb’s life happens on a whim and a prayer, so the chances of us actually ever meeting, let alone last night, were probably pretty slim.  Ahh – to be forever Facebook friends…I do have to admit, the Brit accent surprised me (I always assumed Seb was from Whistler), and he wasn’t quite as grubby as I anticipated.  Enough of that, here are some pic’s from last nights absolutely awesome ride!

Yup – that’s me, on a bike, riding, on dirt.  Rare happening these days…

The group pausing for breath at the top of Rail Road.

Sunset over Allen Lake…followed by a healthy dose of screaming singletrack!