This is a post about nothing.

Its been one of those weeks. Between work, not enough sleep, recording for an album, arranging the Paisley Bandits next gig, getting my son to school, picking him up, feeding him, getting him to bed, re-do…the weekend was busy too.

Friday night was the Island Avalanche Bulletin fundraising party. We played as the main act / closing band. It was probably one of our best gigs ever. It was a rush!

Saturday was the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Annual Community Awards. My company sponsored the Young Entrepreneurs Award which I got to present. It was a bit of a rush being on stage with a massive Wedler logo projected onto two screens in front of all of the movers and shakers of the Valley.

This weekend? Should be quieter. Going for a back country day on Saturday – maybe ski Mount Washington on Sunday. We shall see.

Time for bed. More “Tales from Dearth” next week. And maybe even some ski photos…