No major stories from this past weekend, just some very nice photo’s.

This is Mt. Cain.  The tallest peak on the right of this photo that is.  The zone below is locally known as the “East bowl”.

This is Mt.Abel.

If you were to ask me to take a photo like this, I probably couldn’t.  I just point and shoot and on Sunday it was literal as i couldn’t see anything in the camera’s view finder!

In between the two photo’s above is one I didn’t get which would have been killer!  Oh well, this is why I write and when I want really good pictures I get a pro!

This is taken from the “Golf Clubs”, a little perch above the upper tee-bar.  I was looking back towards the ski hill.  Cool!

Here are two lines I carved on an almost untouched piece of snow in the East Bowl on Sunday.  It took me about 2 minutes of side-stepping to get to the top of this little rise.  Mmmmmmmmm powder…