Well – this site has been up for a while now, but I haven’t really done much about it.  So – tomorrow is the  “official” launch party.  I may even send out a press release or two…

What will actually be going on?  Well – the “man cave” will be off limits as my son will be asleep down there, so we will be hanging out upstairs.  I will probably show people the website, but for the most part we will be drinking beers and telling lies.

Stay tuned – I’m off to Strathcona Park this weekend for a back country adventure, so there will be photos!  After that, some more mountain biking and then maybe I will finally write that review on my two day-packs – one for winter and one for summer.

Also on the list will be a couple of trips to Hornby, and some of the last days up at the Mt Washington bike park.

Then comes “shoulder season” which for me is a key time of the year to rest up before the next “season”; which in this case will be ski season.  I have new alpine boards and will be getting some new AT boots.

In the meantime, here’s a good picture for fall.


This is me, riding the Scythe on Broadway in Cumberland last fall.  Gordon Ross took this, and I think he did a really nice job too!