Off the back.  The term used to identify when, in road bike racing, you get dropped from the group/peloton. As I have not ridden bikes in a month, I should not have been surprised today that I was off the back. I also had to nurse my lower back through the ride, and I am still not really used to the Prime…so all in all, I stayed off the back all day.

This is not a position I am used to being in. I may not always be the fastest, but I am usually at the front of the pack.  In many other aspects of my life, I don’t feel off the back at all.  However, as I was unable to do anything for three weeks, I am not that surprised that on a mountain bike, I was off the back.

I also found myself holding back. Taking my time. Not pushing things too fast or loose. Am I getting old? Maybe…I will be 40 in just under two years…

On the really really big plus side, I got to ride with some of my best friends. Friends, who for one reason or another, I am not seeing much of lately. This was good for my soul.

More on the Prime. I am still getting used to this new machine. I do like the way the 29 inch wheels roll. I found on many of the sharp up-down bits of trail, I was able to keep my speed far longer than my colleagues on 26 inch bikes on the up parts. As for climbing in general, the difference is very noticeable.  The few times I was able to put some power down in the middle ring on the fire road sections, the Prime responded with instant acceleration and a noticeable building of momentum.  It’s the building of momentum that is unique and different when compared to a 26 inch wheeled bike. You can feel both wheels gaining power like having two fly wheels at each and of your bike. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

So, more bike rides to come!  There is also some summer skiing coming up, and more music festivals.  Stay tuned, and keep rolling, even if you are off the back every now and then.