Is it really almost over?  I’m looking back on the last 27 days and all
I can think is WTF!?

While my October got off to a banger start with the trip to Hornby Island,
I am generally unsure where the rest of it went….

OK – so I moved…and I actually managed to go on a few bike rides (already
double the measly two rides I pulled off in September due to my back being so
fuxxored) and went on dates with four (no five…) different women. Mind you,
one of the five was my ex-wife, so maybe that doesn’t count as a date…

My parents came for Turkey
day and I have spent the last two weeks dealing with the bird remains.  I
swear to you, I made so much turkey soup that I almost ran out of plastic

The other thing that screwed with my October was getting sick.  I have
had this rather nasty, lingering cold/flu that I just couldn’t shake for almost
two weeks!  I think I can safely say that as of today it is finally
over…thank all that is good in the world for that.

So, what’s next you might ask?  Well, my ski’s are waxed and my room at
Mt Cain is already booked for the week after Christmas.  I am heading out
to do some hiking based out of Woss the weekend after Remembrance day, and I
promise, promise, promise to finally review my two day-packs (the winter one
and the summer one).  There may also be a spring break road trip through
the interior…

Until then, you can go to to find out what I thought about the Spitfire I have
been riding all summer…

Put some food in mah belley!