Why do we climb mountains?

It is really a completely redundant and pointless endeavour. It supplies no basic needs, and doesn’t advance the human race.

Yet we do it. In fact, on the labour day weekend of this 2013th year AD, me and 106 other people climbed the same mountain.

At 6,868 ft (2,094 m), Mt. Albert Edward is the 6th highest peak on Vancouver Island. The trip starts at Paradise Meadows, and we elected to do it in three days, staging out of Kwai Lake. Looking at the map, Kwai sits at about 1190 m – so the one day trip up to the top of Albert Edward climbs a whopping 900 m or  2952 feet! most of that is between Circlet Lake and the peak – about 4 km of horizontal distance. It took us (and most of the other groups) 10 hours from Kwai, to the top, and back to Kwai.

Of the 106 people who attempted Albert Edward that weekend, these two were my favorites! (and my camp buddies for the weekend!)

This was our supper spot the first night in – Cruikshank Canyon lookout.


This little guy (well, he was kinda big) joined us for dinner.


Yes – the Vancouver Island back-country is THIS gorgeous!

The goal in site! Albert Edward on the left, Mt. Regan on the right. Tree and Nancy on the right too!

So, why did we climb this mountain? Why did all 107 people who were up there with us climb it?

I think that getting to the top of a mountain allows us to transcend something. It puts life into perspective. It pushes our limits. It is a metaphor for life.

It is amazing.

Just don’t do it in fully rigid mountaineering boots. Boots like that have a time and a place, and this sort of climb is not it. My knees are still angry at me for this…