I know, I know.  I’ve disappeared again.  Well, I’ve been moving.  Out of the rental into a new and much nicer HQ for Citizenclass (and permanent too).  That’s not all – I’ve rented out half of the mancave!!  Oh – the horror!  I know at least 6 of my regular 13 readers will flee in shame now.  Oh well, need to pay bills…

Ok, seriously this backpack destroys anything else out there.  That’s right – full on no holds barred product endorsement.  If you ski the back-country get yourself a Dakine Poacher.

This is how the old Forbidden Plateau ski area looked last Sunday  – plenty of snow still…

Looking back towards the Valley.

My most excellent company for the day – Becky (cute lady) and Brigg (happy dog).

Anyways – should be done moving this weekend and next weekend is the Island Cup finals – so stay tuned for mayhem!!!