Same weekend, same crew, new year.  Headed to Hornby Friday evening with Jer.  Had pizza at the Cardboard House then headed to Ford’s Cove to camp.


Saturday dawned a little fuzzy headed.  Apparently I had quite a few weak brain cells to kill off.  Scott rolled in about 10 am ish, and we went out riding.  The weather was perfect.  Some clouds, drizzle here and there, not too hot, not too cold.  I like fall!

Yes – this very well built step-up / step-down is indeed on Hornby.  Part of a recently re-built “Yer Mom”.  Should have some video out of Jer hitting a bunch of this soon.

We started with the usual – 4 Dead Aliens, Test Tube, Chris and Brads and ending on No Horses.  After not having ridden for a good couple of weeks, I felt very rusty (and slow).  After that, we just explored hitting up Yer Mom, The Way, all of 4 Dead Aliens and generally had an awesome day riding bikes fast!  Then we drank beer – fast also!!

View from almost the top – taken this morning (Sunday).

Sunday dawned ever so slightly more fuzzy headed than Saturday…surprising considering I still had beer left.  We packed up camp, and headed up for one final lap.  Slalom – Toads – 4 Dead then back in for Chris and Brad’s to No Horses.  WOOT!

At the top, the Spitifire waits for the last run of the trip…

Well, as you can guess, I am home now.  Tired but everything is unpacked and the laundry is started.  I’m already looking forward to next year!