So, how was your Halloween?  Mine was, in the end, quite mellow.  I went to two parties Friday night, but still managed to be home and in bed by midnight.  I ended up not going to a party I had a ticket for Saturday as I felt so ill Friday and most of Saturday that I just wasn’t interested.  Today was better, I went for a bike ride (making four in October WOOT!), went trick-or-treating with my son, and completed the first stage of my current Man Cave upgrade.  Its a bike rack that can hold four mountain bikes and two road bikes.  Previously I had a wall mounted rack that held two, but as I have had more than two bikes for quite some time, it simply wasn’t enough.

The new bike rack with the left over wood that will become a ski rack.


Looking from the other side.

The bikes (from left to right) are the 2010 Banshee Spitfire, 2009 Banshee Scythe, an Adams Trail-a-bike, my son’s “gehtto” run bike, my $100 “city” bike and my best friend Tree’s $100 city bike.

Now, I know that all ten of you (I can see that there are ten people who check the site regulalry you know) are waiting for the critical information I have on my two day packs.  Rest assured, the photo’s are taken, the research is under way and later this week they will appear on here as if by magic!