Politics is a fascinating subject, and right my home province is in the final throws of our latest provincial election.

The two main players – on the left the BC NDP, and on the right, the BC Liberals.

Sub-players in this drama, the BC Greens and the BC Conservative party.

My vote? Well, its for the BC Green Party.

Many will say that it is a lost or wasted vote, that I am splitting the vote for the NDP; that I am giving the vote to the Liberals.

I say that is total BS.

Here’s the thing – voting needs to be about principle. As a principled person, I can only really vote for one party. We live in a finite world and all of the job protection, social programs, economic development and family-centred policies that are spewed will be worth nothing if we have no water to drink, air to breathe or clean ground to grow food in.

As for the vote being wasted, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in a way, a vote for the Green party is far more powerful than just another vote for the Liberals or NDPs. You see, for the Liberals or NDP (those of you who vote for them) you are just another vote. They may even just assume you will vote for them, and they don’t have to work for you.

But a Green party vote? Well that is a vote that both the NDP and Liberals would like. If the Green vote is powerful enough, it will really get the other parties attention. Political parties want votes – as many as they can  get. To get Green party voters, they need to change their policies. So, the more Green votes, the more green policy we will see. Why do you think there is a carbon tax in BC?

In the end, the only wasted vote is on that isn’t cast.

So get out there – go vote. It will take you an hour tops and is your most powerful, most direct say in how this province will be governed.

And bike to vote too – make it an even bigger statement!