I almost didn’t get it.  Almost.  I mean, what good is a racing license if my back is still screwed up come race season and I can’t race?  On the other hand, how could I run a website called “Citizenclass” without holding a citizen class race license?

There it is, complete with the flashy Cycling BC brochure.

There is one small problem however.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed that my date of birth didn’t get recorded quite correctly.  Its a minor error, but it could cause some problems…You see, for some reason (I was probably not quite 100% when I filled in the online form) my birth date is recorded as being in 1991!  In reality I was born in 1974!!  While I do occasionally feel like I’m 20 again on a good day, and I am really only about 9 in man years, I don’t really want to have to race against the young punks…

Here it is (yes I obscured some of my vital stats – identity theft is serious business) and no, I was not born in 1991…

I am sure it is an easy fix, but none the less amusing.

Onto other topics.  Checking the planner today I realized that starting the weekend of March 5th, I will be at Mt. Cain every weekend until they close for the season!  WOOT!!  Considering that some of the best powder on the Island falls in March, I am understandable stoked!  I also went and got myself a new Dakine Poacher (full review pending).  I was getting a little fed up with how small the Camelback I had been using until now is.  Really, I was getting tired of squished sandwiches.

So, check in often for my next adventure, and remember, landing on your head usually hurts.


(for those of you who pay attention, yes I changed the header image on the site.  It is now the view from Mt Cain ski areaabout half way down the lower Tee face run.  Pretty eh?)