because that’s what I called my blog about closing weekend at Mt. Cain last year!  Its a little tough though, because whenever I think about the end of the season at Mt. Cain, and the last weekend, the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic plays in my head.  Here’s the music video so you can play it while you peruse my musings…

So, what went down? Well, it snowed all freakin week in advance of the last weekend, and stayed cold.  This is the magic recipe for POWDER!  And there was.  And I was lucky enough to get to do a lap of the West Bowl on Saturday.  Thanks again to my awesome girlfriend and her awesome mom who kept my son company while I went out.

This is the window in our second story room…yup – that’s snow!  This window is about 4-5 feet off the ground, and the snow is cleared regularly…that’s how much fell in the last week of the season!!

Skiing with my favourite ski partner!

I took almost the exact same picture on closing weekend last year…if you know where door #3 is, you can see my, Pete and Bill’s tracks.  What a sweet run.  Powder in the sunshine!  When we got to the bottom, we came across a fondue party!

Sunday – at the Golf Clubs.  No sun, but more snow.  It’s too bad things warmed up just enough Saturday for everything to get hard and crusty by Sunday…

Good-bye Mt. Abel!  Until next year!

Well, lift accessed skiing at Cain is done, but touring is just getting going and Mt Washington is open for a couple of more weekends.  There will be more snow based shenanigans to come!  Maybe even a ski day every month???