Well.  We HAVE had an interesting weekend.  Up to Mt. Cain of course, and it was snowing, slushing and nasty the whole drive up.  Saturday was the Cain Cup – the annual race to see who on the mountain is the fastest at skiing gates.  The format is simple – there’s a race down the lower face in the morning for the “Winter fest” where  the top three in each age group, divided by sex and by whether you ski or snowboard.  From this race, the top 10 men and women (skiing or snowboarding – it doesn’t matter) are selected and get to ski a longer course from almost the top of the hill.  This is for the Cain Cup!   Unfortunately, after the morning qualifying and before the Cain Cup something you don’t want to see happen happened…

My buddy Jerrett is in there…fortunately it was much ado about nothing and after six hours in a spine board it turns out he just bruised his ass…

Funny thing here – my buddy Sonia was also up at Mt. Cain, but I hadn’t run into here yet.  I didn’t until after lunch on Saturday when she was coming out of the Lodge.  Turns our she’s the one who found Jerrett!  Weird!

For the record Jerrett – ad DE or “Day ending injury” is -3,000 GNAR points!!  That’s OK though, a “week ender” is -5,000 and a month ender is -10,000!!  Heal up fast!

OK, back to the race.  I did manage to qualify.  In fact, in the morning race I was the 7th fastest man on the mountain.  So, after lunch I put my short turny skis back on and headed up.  Lo and behold, I ran into Dacry Turenne (pro mountain biker for Norco).  Yes, she got a pro call out! 500 GNAR points!

Well, I dropped a few spots (7th to 10th) in the big race…boooo.  Thing is a blew a gate turning onto the lower face and it totally threw me off.  BUT I did beat Darcy Turenne (by 5 seconds) so my pro call out was honest!

This is what it was all about – the Cain Cup

One of our category medallist – note the gloating…

Oh, and it snowed all day – note the raised roof on the Wedler truck!

Sunday dawned windy and snowy – very windy and snowy.  There were times when you had to stop skiing and wait for visibility to improve.  However, it was a “2 run reset” day.  This means that you could ski a run, go ski a different run and then if you went back to the first run you had skiied, it would be all fresh again.  It was amazing!

That’s it, that’s all, time for beer and top gear. And Jerrett – I’m the best skier on this mountain!!