It was very sunny at Mount Cain last weekend. Sunny, with mostly stable snow and very warm temperatures. With a season where I haven’t done a lot of touring, it was a good opportunity to head out back. The hike over. Dave checks out one of the “doors” leading into the west bowl. The snow was mostly hard, but there were places we post holed.

Looking at Mt Hapush from the ridge above the West Bowl. Hapush Bowl is also visible as it links the ridge and “The Bumps” with Mt Hapush.

Dave tele-turns off of “The Bumps” and into the bowl.

This is a look down the top of “The Coffin Nail” – one of the more serious chutes that descends into the West Bowl. Looks like someone rode it when the snow was powdery.

This is the top of another chute off the ridge above the West Bowl. It’s called Big Boy. It actually looks reasonably skiable. There is a third chute along the ridge on the way to Hapush called “Dirty Girl”. It looked more serious than either Coffin Nail or Big Boy. The two peaks of Mount Cain in the background. Two back country athletes in the foreground!

Looking back into Hapush Bowl from the exit. Mt Hapush on the left. The ridge from “the bumps” on the right. With it being an hour trip to the top of the bowl, this is somewhere I will definitely visit again.

“That’s Mt Hapush!” By this point in the trip I was pretty much done. We did the run down the bowl from the ridge, and decided to head up to the top of the mini peak right at the end of the bowl. The climb up the little peak just about finished me!

Recovery Sunday. Hitting an apple core off the Golf Clubs!