Probably the funnest mountain bike race I have ever done, and one I plan to do until I can’t ride a bike anymore.  I was off my time a little from last year, but considering that I had three times the amount of riding in by this time of year in 2010, I don’t feel so bad.  Besides, my 3:22 would have put me in 4th in beginner men!  In intermediate men I was 37th out of 50 and a full 29 seconds off the pace.  I was mostly happy not to crash, although I did have one little bobble on the top section of the course…

This is how we treat racers on the Island…

Citizenclass race headquarters

All the cool guys race…the guy in the green shirt? Yup – that’s Jeff Beeston

who won men’s expert with a scorching 2:40!

Yup, I bring my own fan club!

I almost took a decent photo!