I like to go on adventures and push my limits. The last time I was up at Mount Cain, I did just that, trying snowmobiling for the second time in my life. It was hard work. I rolled the sled on its side once, fell off three or four times, and generally struggled, sweated and scared myself a bit the entire time.

It was awesome!


 My trusty steed for an afternoon’s sledding – Pete’s “cabin” sled.

My usual goal for an adventure is to go somewhere I haven’t been before, and push my limits. This adventure had a lot of limit pushing with the snowmobiling, and we went into the bottom of the East Bowl and up the flank of Mt. Abel – new territory!

The view from where we parked the sleds. Looking up to Mt. Cain from a different angle than I normally do.

I reflected on this little trip, and thought about why I like to do this sort of thing. For me, pushing my limits in this way allows me to quiet all of the screaming voices in my head. I can be (in fact – have to be) totally present – in the moment. There is no room for the day-to-day first world problems of my life.

Pete and Bill reflect on their various first world problems…

I pursue this sort of escape / release in a lot of activities I enjoy. Skiing as fast as I can. Riding mountain bikes up to the top of whatever mountain I am on.

Anything to force myself to be completely present.

After any of the many adventures I go on in any year – be it a day of skiing, an afternoon of touring or a weekend trip to climb a mountain – I almost always find that all of the REALLY BIG problems I have in life are suddenly a lot smaller, and less important. Solutions come from out of nowhere, and I find new perspectives.

I am hopeful that I can attain this state of being present without the need for adventure someday. Even if I do, I will still go on adventures!

I wonder if this is what others seek in their various adventures?

What about you?

Leave a comment about why you adventure, and what it does for you.