Just the facts.

I have worked on the Maple Pool "problem" since 2011. My company has donated over $6,000 in professional fees to assist the Lins resolve the issues with their site. I have donated additional hours of my personal time to assist the Lins in a professional capacity.

I have been in communications with the Lins throughout the last two weeks, and they have been consistent in their desire to have me continue to assist them.

The City of Courtenay council, with Bill Anglin signing as acting mayor, issued a letter to the "Friends of Maple Pool" and the Lins in August of this year (2014), well before the election, outlining a course of action to resolve the lawsuit. This letter included an offer by the City to execute the rezoning of the Lins property unilaterally.

Other than questioning the political motivation of some individuals involvement in the Maple Pool issue, solely due to the timing of their involvement in relation to the election, I did not comment on anyone's character. Any response I posted on the Friends Facebook page was to correct misleading and inaccurate statements posted there.

The Friends of Maple Pool website is now littered with attacks on my character and that of Jon Ambler.

I was wrong to not take a leave of absence from my position on the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Board to assist with the election campaigns of Jon Ambler and David Frisch. I was not aware of the policy of the board that requires such action, but that is not an excuse for my mistake.

I am no longer a member of the Friends of Maple Pool, nor do I wish to ever be associated or identified as having anything to do with that group.

I will continue to assist the Lins with the resolution of the issues at Maple Pool pending any new direction provided by the next City of Courtenay Council.