I’ve made some decisions this week.  I need to focus.  It all comes from a desire to do things to the best of my ability, and as per common sense, when you try to do too many things, its hard to do them all well.  So, I’m going to concentrate on my son, music, my engineering company, some minor political activism and this blog (which of course means going out and having adventures!!!).  I’ll still do pieces for NSMB.com, but I don’t really have time to effectively pursue print media.  And you know, I’m OK with that.  I was actually approached by someone putting together a new web-based mountain bike thingy, and while I was excited by the concept, I just have to face reality in that I really don’t have the time – at least not to do it well.  I will still commit to the occasional contribution, but that’s going to be it…

I’ll leave you with this inspiring image, and keep watching this site as I am off to Cain again this weekend and chaos is sure to follow!

Marble Meadows in Strathcona Park – photo by Tree!