Well.  I have managed to find some spare time.  Somehow, the day before Car Free Sunday, probably one of the craziest, biggest things I have ever tried to pull off, I am at home, my son is playing in his room with one of his buddies, and I have nothing to do.

Fall colours on the Coquihalla.

Sure, there are some problems.  At the very last minute our traffic control volunteers, from a company that will go unnamed – who announced on the radio that they were supporting Car Free Sunday, have cancelled.  Not too worry – we really only had three intersections with cross traffic, and when we looked at it we realized they would probably mostly take care of themselves.  One has a traffic light and the other isn’t a significant intersection.  So, re-shuffle some volunteers, make an announcement wherever we can that vehicle traffic will have right of way at those crossings and pedestrian traffic will have to operate as per normal, and problem solved.

The cross-roads is on many levels – not all worth going into here.  Actually, I may have passed it by and am now coming to terms with the road I have chosen.  Its a bit scary, and not how I would normally operate, but certain factors have pushed me here and I will see where things lead.  Things are going to be tricky for a while…

Leaping into fall…photo by Gordon Ross

Its also the cross roads of the seasons.  Summer seems to have had its last gasp, but fall hasn’t quite settled in.  We are still a few months from snow (my favourite), but we will be getting more rain, and less daylight everyday.  I like fall – but am not the biggest fan of getting soaked.  However there is something to be said about warming up after a cold wet muddy bike ride.  A certain satisfaction and glow that comes about.  I’m looking forward to some serious fall riding this year and hopefully (fingers crossed) a new bike soon.  In fact, it will be the first full bike I have gotten where I am not paying anything for it.  Not a cent.  I think that means I am somewhat sponsored.  I’m actually quite proud of myself.

I’m also well down another road from a previous cross-roads (speaking of money).  I recently bought a second property, where I now live, and am beginning to come to terms with being very house poor.  Sure, I can cover my payments and keep food in the fridge, but that’s about it.  There has been spare money around the last couple of years to do what I like (mostly buy gear) but for the foreseeable future, that isn’t the case.  I still intend to keep doing the things I love (and writing about them on this blog) but I am sure going to have to get creative in how I make that happen!

The West Bowl of Mt Cain last April – I am so stoked for skiing this season!

I am not sure I have a conclusion to all of this.  For the gear nerds out there, I will be writing a detailed review of my new Arc’teryx Altra 65 back pack.  I am sure there will be some interesting happenings tomorrow at Car Free Sunday to report on, and next weekend is the second annual Hornby Mancation!  I’ll end with some poetry – don’t worry, its not mine!

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads divereged in a wood, and I –

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

from “The Road not Taken”, Robert Frost