This is a new feature here at citizenclass.  My incredible six year old, Cole, is going to tell us about his weekend.  Expect to hear from Cole 3-4 times per year with regular instalments of “Cole’s Notes”!

Well, when I was going up the tee-bar, I got hit by it just when Elijah was coming up the tee-bar.

I was in the lodge having fun collecting icicles from the deck while I was feeding birds.  Also, I was drinking ginger ale.  Well, also, in Peter’s cabin I was getting hurt when I bumped my head on the ladder stairs.

The snow was deep in Stump and Jump and the track side of the face.  The snow was usually flat on a track, but now it isn’t.  I was playing with my toys while my dad was packing my toys.

Say your prayers snow!!

This is war of lego and dragons but the computer is in the way of this picture of lego war and dragon on the good guy side.