I have to talk about beer.  I like beer.  I like to drink beer.  After a hard day of biking, there is almost nothing better than a cold one.  In fact, some of the best beers I have ever had have been after riding.

Its funny how at that point, the particular brand/flavour of beer is almost irrelevant.  All that really matters is that its cold and beery.  Mmmm – cold beery beer…might just have to go get one right now.  Hold on a minute, be right back…

Ahhh – much better.

And yes – I am sitting at my desk at the office drinking a beer.  Its Friday – its after 4 pm and I have got all of the work I needed to get done done.  Besides, I gave the rest of the team beer first.

Now, for the record I do not condone, endorse or encourage any of the following:

  • underage drinking
  • driving while impaired
  • public drunkedness

That’s not saying I haven’t participated in any of the above activities (and learned my lesson – believe me).  The official “citizenclass” position is that alchohol should be used strictly in moderation.  Unless of course there is a really good party to go to…

I was going to write about all of the snobbish micro-brews I normally drink, being lucky enough to live in BC.  But then I considered the fact that there isn’t really a beer I don’t like, especially on a hot day after a long bike ride.  So, I have to admit that yes, I enjoy a cold Lucky and even a Bud Light Lime.  That’s not to say I don’t also appreciate Phillips, Granville Island and Nelson Brewing Company’s offerings, but I am not one to say no to an offered brewski.

So – here’s to you and here’s to beer – Cheers!