I seem to have lost 3 lbs fast – officially at 209 lbs and change with more coming off.  I do miss beer and have to admit that I caved the other night and had one…

In a serendipitous occurrence, one of the companies that I have bought life insurance from sent me copies of my blood test results from a recent physical.  Of course, everything looked good except for Cholesterol.  I’ve had high cholesterol since I was 19 for crying out loud.  I actually didn’t eat eggs for most of a year with absolutely no change.  Oh well, not going to lose too much sleep over this.

I’ve had to say goodbye to the Green Quebecois machine.  I’ll miss it – it was a blast to ride!

Watch for the full review on NSMB.com in about  a month.

There’s more music in the plans with me getting to back up Des Larson at the upcoming Rythm on the Rock mini festival this Saturday.  And believe it or not, I will actually ride bikes this Sunday.  I will have to do a blog post about it as bike riding has become so rare for me lately…at least my lower back is happy!!!