Is there a ruder way to ask someone to be quiet?

Have basic manners really become that rare?

So, I’ve been at the Vancouver Island Music Festival all day. Volunteering. No, that doesn’t do it justice, I’m going to boast a little, I am the stage manager at the Barn this year, and its been a riot.

If you look carefully, you will note three bass guitars, two drum sets and yes, seven musicians on the front of the stage…


At the end of my day, I went backstage of the main stage to have a couple of drinks and unwind, and then I went out to spend some time with some friends and watch Randy Newman (think all the songs in all the Pixar movies).

I’m sitting there not two minutes, admittedly gabbing incessantly, and a gentleman, no – he’s just a man, turns around and says: “Are you going to talk the whole time?”

Really?  All he had to do was say, “I’m having trouble hearing, would you please mind keeping it down?” and I would have been like “No problem – sorry man!”


Oh well, some people need to learn about karma the hard way.  Here’s some more pics.

March Forth marching band on stage and a TON of people grooving!

Sunset at VIMF over the main concert bowl

Here’s how that crazy stage plot ended up looking on stage…and we have a bigger act at the end of the day tomorrow!!

The moral of the story?  Its better to be firm but polite than to be a jerk!