A.S.D.  An acronym I fully intend all of my dedicated readers, all 16 of you, to become very familiar with.

A.S.D. stands for “Awesome Surplus Disorder”.  In this day and age it is a rather rare condition, and revolves around a persons desire for “awesomeness” in their life.  It is pretty much the opposite of consumerism as most “stuff” is definitely not “awesome”.  In fact, it’s experiences that are truly awesome.

Still unsure?  Well, if you read my blog there is a good chance you know who Shane McConkey was.  He definitely had a serious case of A.S.D.  Which leads me to a small warning, if you are set on acquiring a case of A.S.D., be aware that it can be fatal.

There is even a team, “Team A.S.D.”.  Current membership – 2 – me and Tree my “awesome lady friend”.  Why are we on team A.S.D.? Well, because we strive to do all sorts of awesome things together.  In fact, the majority of my posts here are a direct result of doing something awesome with Tree.

So, my plans for the immediate future.  I have a bunch of real work stuff to do this week, but have a little piece to write about all of the North Face gear that has fallen into my lap in the last couple of years.  Then, off to Mt. Cain again for the weekend and after that, back to the grind.  I have to finish lining up bike’s for the 2011 season, and make sure my back is rehabbed enough to ride.

I’ll leave you all with this very excellent movie – please watch (just click the picture to link to the site) and you will gain an even bigger understanding of A.S.D.


(image “borrowed” from “www.unoffcialnetworks.com” – sorry for not asking permission!)