It was hard to believe, but before last weekend I hadn’t been to Mount Cain for OVER A MONTH!

Now that’s how to advertise!

Last weekend was the 2013 Cain Cup, and there was an inversion so sunny skies and warm temperatures. I was on the fence about racing, but with hard frozen snow everywhere and the only fun to be had on the groomers, racing was on. Even convinced the girl friend to race – her first race ever!

Aforementioned girlfriend making it look easy…

 Tucking across the finish line.

The racing at Cain for the Cain Cup is a 2 part affair. In the morning everyone races the Face on the lower mountain. Then the top 10 men and women, regardless of age or means of sliding, advance to the final for the Cup in the afternoon and race down the whole mountain! Both the girlfriend and I advanced!!

The final results. Last year, I was 10th with a time of 1:06. The increase in time is largely due to a much tighter gate spacing on the upper course.

 One step off the podium in the morning racing by age group!


 Serious racing should always be done in a onsie.


Damn right Race in Progress (and a gorgeous lady in the foreground…)

All in all, a very fun weekend with some super speedy runs on my $50 race skis!