Well, I am just squeaking this week’s blog post in under the wire. It’s been a busy week!

I would like to talk about a book I am reading. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

This book arrived in my life quite by chance. Well, maybe it was fate. I was in Winnipeg on business staying at a good friend of my girlfriends. There was a coffee table version of this that was a double volume alongside Carnegie’s more well known tome, “How to win friends and influence people”. As I have stress and anxiety issues, it seemed like a good title to pick up.

Despite being published in 1948, the book is timeless in its relevance. Mr. Carnegie is quite blunt about certain facts that we seem to overlook today. First amongst them to my mind is the fact that every medical specialist he interviews or references is very clear about the linkage between stress and disease. In fact, they all say that the biggest cause of most diseases is stress and nothing else.

Another concept that has really hit home for me is the idea of living in “day tight compartments”. The concept is to let the past die, and not control you, and to stop worrying about the future, as you can’t control it anyways. Live today, and close the book on your past and future, as today is all that is real.

Carpe Diem!