4:15 am is not a time of day I enjoy. Yet, that is the time I found myself getting up at yesterday. Get up at 4:15 am, in the van by 4:50, roll into the ferry terminal in Nanaimo by 6:10 am for the 6:30 am ferry. Yesterday was a very long day when you add in two ferry trips and the drive to and from Nanaimo.

This is the price we pay for living on our island home.  But, when I finally pointed the van off the highway and cruised down Cumberland Road, I realized why. It was quiet, there was no traffic and the roads were relatively narrow. A serious contrast to driving through the lower mainland.

Another part of the price for a day trip like yesterday is how tired I was this morning. Getting up at 4:15 am and not getting to sleep until 11:00 pm the same day makes for some serious fatigue. I was going to try and go skiing this morning…but the conditions didn’t look perfect (and they would have had to have been absolutely perfect) so I rolled over and got 2 more hours of sleep.

I am still tired today, even with the extra sleep.

I was wondering if I would be able to write anything at all. This “blog post a week” is a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Especially after a day like yesterday.