This year is the third year in a row that I’ve raced the 12 hour – always on a four person team mind you.  3 hours of riding spread over a full day at top speed after getting up at 6 am is enough for me!

The “Green Machine” or Opus Clutch resting after the first lap.

Pit row – the Banshee Spitfire now in the place of honour.  The Clutch is super fun to ride, but not very efficient. Add the clipless pedals and dropper seat post on the Spitfire with its far superior pedaling efficiency, and it was an easy choice for most of my laps.

ya- that’s me.  Post race so brain is not working…

Thirsty Andrew is thirsty…

Look way up in the tree – that’s my son.  Makes a dad proud!

Henry warming up for a lap…

My kick ass team who took second place!  Left to right, Tree,Wendy, me and Brandi (refer to the Rumblefest post, she’s the cute chick I mentioned…)


All in all an excellent weekend.  Next weekend will feature skiing, biking, music, more biking, more music and Hornby Island.  Not necessarily in that order.  I am sure that beer and bacon will also play important roles!