I’m off to Mount Cain again for the weekend, but before I go and leave you all with nothing to ponder, here is a follow up to my “death” post.

As it is the time of year most people make their New Year’s resolutions, all to often broken, I have a challenge for you all.  It’s a simple one – I call it the “10% Challenge”.

Its not about losing weight, or getting faster or making more money. Its about living your life everyday just 10% more intensely – with 10% more committment.

Imagine – what if you skied 10% harder, loved 10% more fiercly, dedicated yourself to your job with 10% more intensity?  In a nutshell – what if you tried just 10% more to live a better life?  Its not much, but all to often it’s what seperates “Joe” of “Jane” Average from that superstar we all watch playing NHL hockey.

Think about it – lots of people can play hockey, some very well, but only a few “live the  dream” and make the NHL.  I’m convinced that the difference between “Joe Average” and “Joe Superstar” is a lot slimmer than most people think. In fact, I think its only about 10%.

Now, there are no guarantees that you will become world dominating professional athelete, climb to the top of your corporate chain or become the Cassanova of the 21st century if you try 10% harder, but what is sure is that you will gain a minimum 10% more satisfaction from life.  And who knows, maybe someone along the way will give you some free stuff or help you do what you love for free.  It happened to me…it can happen to you…if YOU make it happen.

So, go out there and Give’ er!!!

Gordon Ross makes me look 10% faster on Broadway in Cumberland.