Yes, the title of this post should be read in the voice of the Count from Sesame Street.  Yes, I have indeed skied two mountains in the last three days.  Yes, I am tired, yet stoked!

No, I did not get caught in, see, be around or hear of any avalanche incidents over the weekend.  Sorry. I’m working on avoiding them at the moment.

I did head up to Cain on Friday, with excellent company, for the second annual Vanisle Backcountry Festival.  It was pretty fun, even with not really being able to ski on Saturday as I had a touch of the flu.  Well, my excellent company made it no big deal.  So, here are some photo’s from the weekend and skiing Mount Washington today. Enjoy!

Here’s my excellent company on the traverse between the tee bars.  In the background you can almost see the top of the lower tee bar…the higher we got, the worse the visibility.  Not a bad day to hang out in the lodge!

This is what we came for.  This festival was put on by two of my good friends, Jerrett and Jessica.  They had Niko from Island Alpine Guides come up and give an avalanche safety briefing, scored a whole bunch of schwag to raffle off and set up a pretty awesome outdoor dance party.  Good job!

Here’s most of the prizes that were raffled off.  Sweet schwag!

This picture really captures the excitement and mayhem of the prize raffle!

This gore-tex onsie was one of the draw prizes.  Here  the winner shows us his excitement at winning!

There were fireworks…

…and more fireworks…

Dancing in the snow with a full on DJ, lights and lasers!

Party lights reflecting off the snow dance floor!

Here’s what my truck looked like Sunday morning.  My skis had no snow on them Saturday night, and it didn’t stop snowing all day Sunday.  It was very very nice to ski knee deep and deeper powder all day!

This is the view from the short boot pack above the Boomerang.  Powder, sun and no real line ups all day today!

Grinning like an idiot with the mountains of the island behind me.  Woot!