Tritto – also known as “triple ditto”. T o be used when the third to respond with a matching answer in a bulletin board thread of e-mail chain.  For example:

From Person A to person B through E: Do you want to have chocolate ice cream at this year’s ice cream cat coating contest?

Person B: Ya – that’s an awesome idea! Brown cats are groovy!

Person C: Ditto!

Person D: double ditto! Imma coat my cat in super chocolate ice cream!

Person E: Tritto! Little furry mc-furrikins love’s it best when he can lick chocolate ice cream off himself!

OK – I will post some ski touring pictures tomorrow. I promise.

No tales of Dearth today – I had a bit too much serious engineering business on my plate for that. There is an instalment brewing however…

In closing – if you do that Facebook thing (or if you don’t) check out this little journey Seb Kemp is on right now!