As I was lying in bed last night, drifting off to sleep, I had the most amazing idea.

In the common area, just outside my office, there is a bookcase. It is about the right height to cover a doorway and it is on an interior wall with a 2 storey storage space behind it. I imagined that the book case was put on hinges, and opened to a staircase through the adjoining space. A staircase that went up to the roof. On the roof would be a patio, with tiki torches, a bar, and palm tree shade covers. There would be a hot tub,  an outdoor shower and a small change room. It would be where we would escape too when work got to be to much.

My office also has a book case. I would have it set up to slide along the wall revealing an opening into my secret man lair. The lair would be panelled in luxurious dark wood, with a billiard table, a wet bar, a hammock and a humidor. There would be smoking jackets hanging from the wall, and a secret escape helicopter accessible through another hatchway. The helicopter would look like rooftop mechanical equipment, but with the press of a button the camouflage would pop off, the rotors would spin, and the bird could fly away.

The helicopter would,of course, fly to the mountains to my secret cliff side lair. Complete with pool, recreational vehicles of all description, a full quiver of snow and trail equipment (skis, bikes, snow boards) and access to skiable terrain, my lair would be my escape from life.

The cliff side lair would have to be in a bluff shaped like a skull. Nothing else would suffice…

Somehow I don’t think any of the above would really work though. My life would still be there, my bills still have to be paid and the work still has to get done.

Still, it is nice to imagine…