It would appear that the world did not end.

There goes my max the credit card for fun plan!

(Just kidding – I didn’t do that. Although it is an amusing thing to consider…)

I have now had this web/blog site thing, citizenclass, for almost three years.  I’ve generated 139 blog posts, ranging from a link to someone else’s picture, to full blown, multi-day epic stories. I’ve skied 57 days, and gone on about 100 bike rides in that same time. I’ve been in two bands (still in the second), played about 15 gigs as a quasi-professional musician, and have somehow managed to build a wonderful relationship with a very beautiful person (I have a girlfriend WOOT!). I’m still parenting, with my son living with my half the time – I wish it was more.

I am not entirely sure what  2013 will hold for me. I have 15 nights of accommodations booked at Mt. Cain for the rest of the season, and am looking forward to some powder skiing. I am still trying to sell the Man Cave, and also have it listed for rent. I have some challenges to address in both my personal and professional life this year, but I am hopeful despite all of this.

I have set myself a personal challenge for the year of writing a blog post a week. This is the first. I am going to try and set aside time every Wednesday to write. While I can promise I will do my best at writing each post, I can’t promise that the content of each post will be about exciting adventures or random, crazy events. I am sure some will, but some weeks may be a little quiet.

This is not a New Year’s resolution, I am not sure I believe in them…I saw an amusing chart of Google trends showing that the word “fitness” peaks as a search item every January…

I hope you will join me in this journey. I look forward to sharing what I do and the lessons I learn.

Lesson #1 – always discuss the procedure for removing misbehaving guests from a night club with the night club management when you are playing a self-produced gig. It is also good to have someone who isn’t on stage who can represent your band’s interests to the night club manager. Fortunately, this lesson only cost my band $30 as we were able to split the cost of refunding the misbehaving guests’ entry fee to the venue with the venue management. Why did the misbehaving guests get refunded? Well, they were intoxicated and being argumentative, so the venue management decided they should have their entry fee refunded so they would leave without any further arguing or fuss. The problem with this solution is that the entry fee was for the band, not the venue. The venue was keeping the bar proceeds. Furthermore, we (the band) had not discussed this procedure with the venue. An affordable but valuable lesson none the less.