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G3 Ion vs. G3 Onyx

Through a happy coincidence, I managed to get my grubby paws on a set of G3 Synapse Carbon 109 skis mounted with the G3 Ion binding. There are already a few reviews around the net, and lots of technical information, so I decided to do a bit of a photo …

Got mojo?

In the 1980s, when I started mountain biking, and deep into the 1990s, when I started to take it seriously, having a “mojo” on you bike was a prerequisite to YOU being taken seriously as a mountain biker.
I tried a Google search of “mountain bike mojo”…

40th Birthday Shenanigans

Last Saturday, I turned 40.
40 years – 4 decades – halfway to 80.
So, like any responsible adult, I developed a three point plan to mark the occasion:
1 – invite everyone over to my house for waffles on my Birthday
2 – go back-country skiing with whoev…

Getting out there

I like to go on adventures and push my limits. The last time I was up at Mount Cain, I did just that, trying snowmobiling for the second time in my life. It was hard work. I rolled the sled on its side once, fell off three or four times, and generally …

Lift Baskets – First Look

Back in December, I received a message from Hugh Patterson, the developer of the Lift Basket. Hugh explained how he was frustrated by always having to flip his poles upside down to manipulate the heal lifts on his Marker AT bindings. To counter this, H…


That is the number of unique visits to my “Beefs” post.
I am very humbled by this response. It is the most views any post on here has ever had.
With that in mind, and hoping some of these new readers will return, here are some memorable blog post…


I was hoping to be writing a post about skiing on Mt. Becher and the lift-pole baskets I am trying out right now.
Alas, my thoughts were sidetracked by the following “beefs” that appeared in a recent edition of the Comox Valley Echo:

Mt. Cain…finally!

The title says it all. After a two month drought, Mt. Cain finally opened this weekend with 120 cms of snow – 90 cms of it falling in the last week!

This is the snow that fell on Mt. Cain AFTER we arrived Friday night. My good friend Nancy is sho…


Finally, the drought is over, and it has been hyper-dumping. Mount Washington has received over a meter of snow in the last week, and the rest of the Island mountains are getting the same.

Here’s what our tracks looked like. Boot deep powder and more …

Olympic Perspective

As I watch the Olympics, with all of the coverage and hype, I find myself wondering – does everyone really think that this massive media and money frenzy is all these athletes do? Do they realize that this single event every 4 years is just one in a co…

The “Why”

Welcome to the home of Braxton Consulting (a.k.a. Andrew Gower).

Before we get on with reviews/reports on equipment I am looking at, let’s talk about me and why the hell I am doing this site anyways.

In a nutshell, while I have a pretty damn good job, if I had a choice, I would rather ride my bike, go skiing or climb a mountain. In order to gain the freedom to achieve this, I have to work for a few more years, but in the meantime I have grand ambitions to start getting paid to do what I love.  You can follow my misadventures here and let me know what you think!